Where do I pick up my items?

Items are picked up by the customer on Nantucket at Hy-Line’s “Ship to Shore” Office. Located at 42 Straight Wharf (508) 815-2299.

What happens if the boat is cancelled?

In the event of inclement weather or the boat is cancelled, the customer will be contacted and packages will be shipped via boat the next day or sent by Priority Mail or Fedex the same day for overnight shipping.

Who packs my items?

Packages are then “shipped as received” by Hy-Line. All packages must be securely closed, hand or “dolly freight” cartable.

How are my packages delivered?

IOTB then picks up the items on that same day and delivers it to Hy-Line for shipping. For example, if a customer orders a hose from Home Depot at 8:00 a.m., IOTB picks up the item and delivers it to Hy-Line to be shipped on the next boat.

How do I buy my items?

Customers buy their provisions by calling the store of their choosing in the areas we serve and prepaying for the item or purchasing items online for pickup by IOTB. Please make sure the item is packed well for shipping by the vendor.

Who We Are & Where We Operate?

It’s On The Boat! (IOTB) is a same day Express Delivery Service offering shipment of pre-shopped items from Cape Cod to Nantucket. Items must be hand or dolly freight. We serve Cape Cod from Plymouth to Provincetown. We will consider special requests outside the area. Packages will ship via the Hy-line Boat to Nantucket and can be …

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